Bronzeville Academy Charter School Programming for Diverse Learners

Bronzeville Academy provides services to scholar's with disabilities in the Least Restrictive Environment as indicated in the scholar's IEP. As our scholars have varying needs, we pride ourselves on developing our programming options to fit each individual scholar.

We have a full clinical team that works closely with our scholars, families, and teachers to ensure our scholar's success.

- Social Work
- Nursing
- Occupational Therapist
- Speech-Language Pathologist
- School Psychologist
- Audiologist (as needed)
- Physical Therapist (as needed)

Our Diverse Learner Teachers work closely...

...with parents and our clinical team to ensure that scholar's needs are met. Bronzeville Academy's Diverse Learner teachers provide instructional support in both the General Education and Resource settings.

Our Diverse Learner team works closely with parents to ensure that they have what is needed to support their scholar. The Director of Special Education and Case Manager both are available to discuss support, requests, and concerns with parents. The Director of Special Education works closely with General Education and Diverse Learner teachers as well as with paraprofessionals to ensure that they have received the most up to date training.

Parent meetings are scheduled to address requests for resources by parents. We have expert consultants that also work with us as needed to ensure that we are utilizing the most up to date strategies and resources.

If parents have questions or concerns regarding scholar services as outlined on an IEP or 504 plan, they should contact our Diverse Learner Team at or call the main office (773-285-8040) and ask to speak to our Director of Special Education.

Our Diverse Learner Teachers work closely...