What is a Charter School?

Charter schools are free independent public schools that have flexibility to be more innovative and are held accountable for improved student achievement. Charter Schools are tuition free and are open to all, without entrance exams. Bronzeville Academy Charter School admits new students without regard to residency, grades, test results, or any other measure, a lottery system is used when enrollment exceeds our charter and facility capacity.

Charter schools offer families an additional choice in where their children will attend school and what types of special programs may be best suited for their children. For instance, many charters provide longer hours and additional schools days to help students achieve academic growth. They may offer tougher curriculum and graduation standards and thereby better prepare a student for acceptance to college. They may offer a unique perspective. Bronzeville Academy imbeds in our students the Bronzeville Academy Honor Code.

Charter School Board

As the school’s governing body, the charter school board is legally responsible for the academic, financial and operational quality of the charter school.  Given the autonomy to charter schools, the board is integral to the proper oversight of schools.

Board Members

The Board of Directors for Bronzeville Academy is comprised of professionals with extensive years of experience in nonprofit and educational experience.  Bronzeville Academy is always looking for qualified and committed individuals for Board expansion.  The role of a charter school board member is to provide strategic vision for the school, hire leaders to run the school, hold those leaders accountable for academic success and provide financial oversight.


Bronzeville Academy was approved as a charter school authorized by the Illinois State Charter Commission in 2016.  Prior the school was authorized by the Chicago Board of Education.  On November 18, 2015 voted to revoke the charter belonging to the school.  The school appealed to the Illinois State Charter Commission and the CPS decision was reversed.  The Illinois State Charter Commission was dissolved by legislation in June 2020 and the schools under its authorization fall directly to the Illinois State Board of Education for authorization.

Addressing Charter Board

A person seeking to address the Board shall make a request at least twenty-four hours in advance of the meeting.  Requests received less than 24 hours a in advance will be referred to the next regularly scheduled Board meeting.  Request can be made via email at info@BACSK8.org

The following information is required to accompany the request:
*Date of the meeting requesting to speak
*Name of person requesting to speak
*Whether the person is a parent, teacher, student or member of the community at large
*Contact information
*Description of the issue to be discussed